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Hello friends, mur name is Rxx aru moi axomor xoru gaon r pora belong koru. Friends, aaji moi mur jibonott ghota prothom Assamese Sex Story apunalukor logot share koribo ulaisu. Moi jetiyaa xohort bhara ghr asilu tetiar kahini, bhara ghorr uprr floor t moi asilu aru ground floor t cute  ejoni bhabhi aru  bhabir family asil etiya besi deri nokori bolok ami Assamese suda sudi kahini arambho koru

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Friends, this story is three months before today. Sn*** Bhabhi looks very sexy to me and she seems to be a very hot, sexy to all those who see her. It is such that anyone's cock is standing by looking at her her big big boobs, and the outwardly emerged ass, attract everyone to their side. Whenever they run, their ass starts to wreak even more havoc. When I see them hiding while cleaning, their big boobs start swinging out, and I would like to catch their boobs now and drink all their milk by pressing loudly assamese sex stories . But I was very scared, so i just looked at them from afar, and perhaps they had a little idea about my actions. But even though she never says anything to me, she would have avoided giving me a mischievous smile, and I would now try to take advantage of it more and more, sometimes trying to touch them, and sometimes stare at them with lust. Yet, all their habits were very good. So she were very happy with me and sometimes played with his boy on the pretext of seeing her. But my whole focus was on her body. her thin waist and he had a deep navel, blond body, a very beautiful body, and I was just mad at her.

Moromor Bhabi | Assamese Sex Story | Suda Sudi Kahini

assamese sex story

Then one day Bhaiya and his mother and father had to go out for a relative's wedding, and he also took the little child with him and now at home and Sn*** Bhabhi. So Bhabhi told me that the kingdom today you enjoy here, I am alone at home, so you will also prepare your food and we will sit together and eat. So I said that at that time, I did not have much wrong ideas for the Bhabhi in my mind, so I told them yes without thinking. assamese sex story Then, when the food was ready and it was time to eat, Bhabhi made me voice that the kingdom should come and eat. So I said, "Yes, I come to bhabhi now and when I went down, I saw that the door was open and the Bhabhi had already put food for me.

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So she looked at me and said, "Sit down quickly, I am very hungry and I began to see them in the eyes." But she also did not down their eyes. Friends, I felt a strange little in their eyes today, perhaps she wanted something from me today, but was afraid to say, perhaps with a glance and then sat down. assamese real sex story So my attention was on the bhabhi's while eating, and her top of me and then bhabhi told me that she is very scared of sleeping alone at night, can you sleep with me tonight, please? So I said, "Okay, and he was very happy to hear from my mouth, and his face blossomed, she quickly finished his food and took all the utensils to the kitchen." Because of that, I was very clearly looking at her big. But he bowed down and began to show me my and look at it.

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Then, after eating a while, I went to room to change my clothes, and when I came back, I saw that there was an untimely glow in the eyes of the Bhabhi, and so far the Bhabhi had also changed her clothes. She was wearing a white color reticulated maxi. Of which their bras as well as her boobs were also clearly visible. I was absolutely mad at seeing her in this form and staring at her whole body,
perhaps she were doing all this to attract me and then I went to her room. She said that you lie down on my bed. So I said okay and I felt that the intention of the Bhabhi today is not to feel anything right. assamese suda sudi kahini After that, we began to watch the film, of course a bit dirty film and after a while, there is a scene when she drowns in the snow and the girl have sex with her bf. Only then did the Bhabhi ssaid , "Can it ever happen?" So I said yes, why can't that happen? Then we went to sleep by watching the TV for a while and then it rained very fast at night, and after a while I began to feel cold and the same was the same as the Bhabhi. She was also not sleeping because of the cold, because I was alone in only one blanket and the Bhabhi was in another blanket.

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So bhabhi told me that the kingdom would add these blankets together, and then perhaps doing so would reduce the cold. So I said that it is okay and now the weather was so that it was also wondering how to stick to the Bhabhi on some pretext or the other, and now we added both the blankets and lay down from each other, and after a while I rotated my mouth towards the Bhabhi. But now I was not sleeping and I just wanted to fuck the Bhabhi in any way now.

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 So I closed both my eyes and pretended to sleep and put one of my hands on the bhabhi's. My whole body began to feel a cool feeling. But after a while, the Bhabhi removed my hand. So I saw the opportunity after a while and put my hand on top of their big boobs. But now she did not bid anything. So I slowly caressed their soft, pressed. But she still did not speak anything and then my courage grew somewhat more, assamese sax story I pressed again slowly. But still she did not bid and press. After 5 minutes, the mouth of the Bhabhi began to sound, and she began to say to me, "What are you doing?" So I did not speak, and the boobs were constantly pressed. Because of that, she began to be warm and enthusiastic, and now the Bhabhi began to do what I had to do on my body like a hungry fox, and then the Bhabhi gently said that I am having sex after a long day in today, please don't stop me. So I asked why bhaiya do at night?
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Moromor Bhabi | Assamese Sex Story | Suda Sudi Kahini
Moromor Bhabi | Assamese Sex Story | Suda Sudi Kahini

She said that as long as she is hot, he falls asleep, his cock becomes smaller, and I don't know when she sleeps with his thirsty feeling. But today you will have to calm my thirsty pussy, and now they have unloaded my bra in things and also unloaded my T-shirt and said, "My king, you now take off my clothes." assamse sex story So I took off her clothes and saw that she was just wearing a maxi, she saw my 8 inch long cock, and she looked at her for a while and then sat down and touched her with her hand, and after a while she took her in her hand and then took her to the mouth and began to lick loudly. She was excited to be able to get the cock inside in her mouth and suck her, and then after sucking a while, she told me that the king would not let my thristy, and now we were in 69 position. Friends, this story is coming to you at AssameseSexStory.

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Then, when I gently put my tongue in their warm, enthusiastic pussy, there was a loud sound from her mouths, and then I put the cock in her mouth, causing her voice to get stuck inside and now licking their wet pussy and sucking my iron cock. axomiya sex story After about 15 minutes, we both defused one by one. I drank the cum of her and she cleaned the hot-hot lava of my cock with her tongues. So after a while, she was straightening up and pressing one of her boobs. So she warmed up with loud syringes and warmed up in a little while, and my cock was ready to come in her right shape and fuck her pussy. So as soon as I put my cock on the mouth of her pussy, she would be jealous and say, "Yes, put it in today, the secret, my king, today I have seen such a long cock for the first time. Please, let it cool the fire of my pussy, my pussy is now yearning for your cock, don't torment it anymore.

Had much fun that night; Even if today we get such golden chance; we never miss out.

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